Our History and Community Activities

Victory Assembly International Church, started in Toronto in the year 2006, in our Senior Pastor, Pastor Felix’s living room with just five people. It was a small fellowship with big dreams knowing that God would follow through with what he said he will do.   We quickly out grew Pastor Felix’s living room space. We then moved to the Comfort INN right at Islington and 401 in Toronto.  We rented their conference room on Sunday mornings. We used the conference room for the main services. Victory Assembly met there until our services over-packed the conference room and the place could no longer contain the church.

In November 2005, we then acquired a place at 2009 Lawrence Ave West Unit #3, which the Lord empowered us to develop into our worship center.  We at different times, out grew the place. We finally through the miraculous intervention of the Lord moved to our new Worship Complex on 2125 WESTON ROAD, YORK, ONTARIO. The property formerly housed St John Anglican Church which was established in 1856. It is a place full of history, beauty and Spiritual significance in the Community.

Victory Assembly International Church is a non-denominational multicultural church with growing membership attendance. The church is lead by our Senior Pastor, Apostle Felix Ayomike, a licensed and an ordained Preacher of the Gospel and two other assisting pastors. We have a young and dynamic music department and strong loyal supporting members, mostly young couples, who are from the different ethnic background but share the same love for God, their selves and neighbours through faith in Jesus Christ.

The Focus of Our Ministry

1.  We share our faith in Christ with others in a world where you find people in the midst of personal, financial, social and global terrorism upheaval. Our aim, therefore, is to save troubled people who are experiencing fear, anxiety, hopelessness, rising unemployment rate, broken dreams, family breakups, teenage violence, crime, degenerating moral values and soaring suicide statistics that have created a need in people to search for the path to a better life. This is where we come in. To provide through our sermons, Bible teachings, monthly devotional, “O Lord Settle Me” booklet and our Social media videos targeted to help people find the path to a better life.

At Victory Assembly International Church, we really believe the practical and relevant application of the Word of God – The Bible and Prayers – will provide the much-needed solution. Our concern for sharing the Gospel begins with people in our immediate Community and we also seek to support mission works that take the Gospel across the nation and around the world.

2. The church also meets the spiritual and social needs of its members and the community. Examples of such services are: Sunday and week days worship services, prayers, fasting, Bible studies, Christian revival conferences, deliverance, baptism, child dedication, premarital counselling, marriage counselling, parental counselling, home visitation, hospital visitation, prison visitation, shelter visitation and we also conduct funerals services and provide support for those who lost their loved ones.

3. We provide help to new immigrants to Canada by providing support and guidance through the immigration process.

4. We reach out to the poor and less privileged in our society through the ministrations of the Words of God, and at the same time, we are actively involved in the food drive and food bank services for our community. Every year we raise tons of non-perishable food items for the food bank in our community. This will not only instil the Spirit of Jesus Christ but also create a caring, loving, peaceful and just society. For this, we are strongly dedicated.

5. We also operate “Step Up Youth Program”. This youth program target mostly youths in our community, young boys and girls from single parent families, immigrant families and poor families in Toronto. Through this program, we hope to minimize if not eradicate crimes in our communities among our youths. We believe the teaching of the love of God and the symposium/seminars we organize to guide and empower the youths in our community will help them to achieve their individual goals in life.

6. We also have awareness and community-based programs like outdoor barbecue, picnic and car wash to promote inter-community relation and co-operation. We intend to run a Daycare program for children, after school program to improve children and youth academic performance.

The future of the church is huge and promising. The Church mission is to become ONE Church in many locations. We inspire people to take the next step up, towards the fulfilment of their destiny. We all can take that next step towards our destiny; we all can better the community and ourselves.

Victory Assembly International Church simply wants to help people take that next step up. It could be you, your spouse, or your children. Together in Christ, we can.